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About Capsol-T

What is CAPSOL-T®
CAPSOL-T® is a product consisting of food grade decaffeinated green tea concentrate and a food grade Capsicum powder (from a mild chili-type pepper) in an optimum ratio giving an approximately 100-fold synergy compared to green tea alone. One 350 mg capsule of CAPSOL-T® has been shown in laboratory studies to be equivalent to drinking 16 cups of green tea but without the liquid and without the caffeine (D. J. Morré and D. M. Morré Synergistic Capsicum  tea mixtures with anticancer activity. J. of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 55:987-994). CAPSOL-T® has been tested in patients, and is currently undergoing evaluation in a Phase I/Phase II clinical trial. Laboratory research has shown that the constituents of the decaffeinated green tea and Capsicum mixture inhibit the growth and division of cancer cells without affecting growth of non-cancer (normal) cells.

The synergy of CAPSOL-T®’s unique formula of decaffeinated green tea and Capsicum powder is directed to a cancer specific and cancer growth-related cell surface protein, tNOX (D. J. Morré, D. M. Morré, H. Sun, R. Cooper, J. Chang, and E. M. Janle Tea catechin synergies in inhibition of cancer cell proliferation and of a cancer cell specific ECTO-NOX activity. Pharmacol. Toxicol. 92: 234-241). The tNOX protein is absent from the surface of non-cancer cells to account for the large margin of safety shown by CAPSOL-T®.

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